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16:00 - 18:00 IFAA Executive Committee Meeting
08:30 - 10:00          
10:00 - 10:30


Erdoğan Şendemir - President of the XX Federative International Congress of Anatomy

Piraye Kervancıoğlu - President of the Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy

Beverley Kramer - President of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

10:30 - 11:15 OPENING LECTURE
Chairs: Erdoğan Şendemir

Epithelial Barrier Hypothesis for the development of 2 billion allergic, autoimmune, metabolic and neuropsychiatric diseases.
A. Cezmi Akdiş
11:30 - 13:00 Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Clinical Anatomy new insight in muscular skeleton system
Jun Ouyang & Nan Zheng
Body Sourcing for Anatomical Education and Research: Experiences from the African Continent
Goran Štrkalj & Brendon Billings
FIPAE Symposium
Anatomy Visualised
Claudia Krebs, Nalini Pather & Paul Rea
Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Development, stem cells and cancer
Zhengquan Yu
Platform Presentation Session
Chairs: Ayberk Kurt & Erich Brenner

Thalamus morphology in healthy and disease patients: MRI retrospective study
Ramada Khasawneh

Morphology of the temporomandibular joint in skeletal class II and III malocclusion
Felipe Figueroa

Frequency of Ponticulus Posticus in Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Gustavo Matus

Radiographic Evaluation of the Morphometric and Morphological Characteristics of the External Occipital Protuberance
Hande Salim

Physiological intracranial calcifications in children: A computed tomography-based single-center study
Faiza Al Hajri

Coexistence of Bifid Median Nerve and Persistent Median Artery: Three Case Reports
Ekrem Solmaz

The obscure joint - new insights into form-function relationships of the sacroiliac joint
Niels Hammer

Anatomical measurement and characteristic of anterior talofibular ligament with its adjacent ligaments in neutral position and plantar flexion
Jingxing Dai

The universal existence of myodural bridge complex in vertebrate: an indication of a necessary function
Nan Zheng

A multi-stage ensemble network system to diagnose adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
Xiaohe Li

Dual efficacy of Fasudil at improving survival and reinnervation of flap through Rho-ROCK-PI3K-AKT pathway
Zhuang Yuehong

A 3D visualization layered anatomy for acromial arterial rete and flap design
Maochao Ding


No challenge is insurmountable: Dealing with the difficulties of sourcing human bodies on the African continent
Beverley Kramer

Cultural practices of South African ethnic groups on the body and their influence on body donation
Brenda De Gama

Where is our missing body?
Amenu Tolera Wirtu

Sourcing Body for Anatomy Education and Research: The Nigerian Experience
Samuel Asala

Cadavers for Education and Research: Overcoming Challenges in Rwanda
Julien K. Gashegu

The sources of cadavers between Africa and Eastern Europe
Brendon Billings


Anatomy through visual-rich social media - Experiences, lessons, and opportunities
Joyce El-Haddad

Putting the ‘fun’ back in anatomy fundamentals with tabletop serious games
Mikaela Stiver

Deep anatomy observation with touch and drawing: the Haptico-visual observation and drawing method
Leonard Shapiro

So, you want to create XR - Now, what?
Claudia Krebs

Are they learning with immersive VR?: A novel assessment tool for cognitive load
Nalini Pather

A MSc in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy
Paul M. Rea


Centriole components’ multi-site localization and involvement in spindle assembling and asymmetric positioning in mouse oocyte meiosis
Wei Ma

The AMPK–HOXB9–KRAS Axis Regulates Lung Adenocarcinoma Growth in Response to Cellular Energy Alteration
Jun Zhan

Lepr+ mesenchymal cells sense diet to modulate intestinal stem/progenitor cells via Leptin-Igf1 axis
Zhengquan Yu


14:00 - 15:30 FICEM Symposium
Anatomical Disciplines as Incubators for Ethics and Professionalism in Healthcare Education
Thomas H. Champney
President’s Emergent Anatomists Programme Symposium
Establishing a professional profile and networking as an early career anatomist
Carol Hartmann
Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Stem cell in Adult Tissue Development: From reproduction to regeneration
Yue Wang & Xuejiang Guo
Korean Association of Anatomists Symposium
3D Printing and Digital Anatomy
Chairs: Beom Sun Chung & Joe Iwanaga

Platform Presentation Session
Mehmet Üzel & Mehmet Selman Demirci

Intramuscular Nerve Distribution of the Splenius Capitis Muscle with the Modified Sihler's Staining Technique
Melisa Gülcan

Facial canal morphometry: A technical report
Shavana Govender

Tympanic anulus: clinical implications for endoscopic ear surgery
Selcuk Mulazimoglu

Anatomical connections among the depressor supercilii, levator labii superioris alaeque nasi, and inferior fibers of orbicularis oculi: Implications for variation in human facial expressions
Mi-Sun Hur

Crossing fibers of the depressor septi nasi and orbicularis oris attaching to the medial crura of major alar cartilage: medial crura depressor
Mi Sun Hur

Ophthalmic Artery Arising from the Middle Meningeal Artery in South African Patients
Bukola Rukayat Omotoso

The Dissection Room as a Transformational Education Space
Jon Cornwall

Reflecting on Relational Anatomy
Sabine Hildebrandt

Histology & Neuroanatomy as Transducers for Ethics and Professionalism
Thomas H Champney

Break Out / Chat Room ->
(Hall B1)

Becoming involved in Academic Citizenship – getting involved in societies and networking
Nalini Pather

Linking in and getting out of the Research Gate – developing your online profile
Jason M. Organ

Developing your Curriculum Vitae
Carol Hartmann

Break Out / Chat Room ->
(Hall B2)

Phf2 coordinates ribosome biogenesis and DNA damage response for mouse and human neural stem cell activation
Jia Feng

Dynamic mRNA Degradome Analyses Indicate a Role of Histone H3K4 Trimethylation in Association with Meiosis-coupled mRNA Decay in Mouse and Human Oocyte Aging
Qian-Qian Sha

Cell Response to Microenvironmental Mechanical Force during development
Yue Wang

Differential diagnosis and treatment of azoospermia in men
Xuejiang Guo


3D and digital technology in clinical anatomy
Joe Iwanaga

The sectioned images and three-dimensional models for digital anatomy
Chung Yoh Kim

The digital transformation and education equality in Anatomy Learning with female and male 3D Anatomy models
Grace Kim


15:45 - 17:15 Anatomical Society Symposium
Part to part, part to whole: fitting the pelvis into the evolutionary puzzle of the human body
Nicole Torres-Tamayo & Shahed Nalla
The Anatomy of Medical Terminology
Stephen Russell
FICSP Symposium
Ethical Considerations in the Publication of Anatomy Manuscripts
Gülgün Şengül
TEPARG Symposium
Hybridising Anatomy Education
Joanna Matthan

15:45 – 16:15

End-to-end digital technologies as a key efficiency factor in anatomy teaching and learning
Prof. Dr. M. Sc . Yuri Vasiliev
(SMASHED Digital Training in Clinical Anatomy Chairman of the Commission, Member of EFAAD, Secretary of the Russian Group of IDEAS, Author of various bilingual (ru/eng) dissection courses on local anesthesia in the maxillofacial region)

16:15 – 17:15

Platform Presentation Session
Barış Özgür Dönmez

A Marine Collagen-Based Biomimetic Hydrogel Recapitulates Cancer Stem Cell Niche and Enhances Progression and Chemoresistance in Human Ovarian Cancer
Sik Yoon

In vivo preclinical evaluation of bioprinted human cartilage construct
Vladimir Mironov

Regenerative potential of chondrospheres fabricated from human perichondrium
Vladimir Mironov

Understanding the evolution of the human birth canal through geometric morphometrics: insights from a Brazilian contemporary sample
Maria Rita Guedes Carvalho

Application of geometric morphometrics in predicting hominin pelvic morphology.
Mayowa T. Adegboyega

A new reconstruction of the pelvis of KNM-WT 15000 reveals new insights into the body shape of Early African Homo erectus.
Nicole Torres-Tamayo


Teaching Anatomical Terminology: A Systematic Approach
Kyle McLeister

Bridging the Gap: Anatomical and Clinical Medical Terminology 
Amanda Hardman

Notes from a Philologist: When the English Equivalents of TA Terms are Inconsistent with the Original Latin Terms
Stephen Russell

Arteries Don't Got Noses! (And the TA Doesn’t Have “Non-concordant Adjectives”)
Lewis Stiles

Giving the Province of Quebec a Taste of its Own Medicine: Diversity of Dialect in the Medical Field
Mélanie Houle

Meet the Terminologia Carcinomatosa: A Proposed Addition to the TA Family
Anjali Sachdeva

Break Out / Chat Room ->
(Hall B3)

The ethicality of publishing anatomical research: Perspectives from an author, reviewer, and editor
Shane R. Tubbs

Data Integrity and Ethical Publishing Behavior in the Anatomical Sciences
Heather F. Smith

Ethics in experimental animal research
Gülgün Şengül


Learner gain: Evaluating learner gain and student satisfaction of teaching anatomy online using 3D digital models as compared to 2D illustrations
Rohan Bhate

Educator perspective: Educational Sources for Distance Teaching in Anatomy during the Covid-19 pandemic
Erich Brenner

Innovation in imaging: An innovative online resource for learning radiology and anatomy
Safia Khan & Imogen Cowdell

Flexible Assessments: Adopting a flexible approach to professional anatomy spotter exams during COVID
Luisa Wakeling

Dissection post-Covid: The role of cadaveric dissection and hybrid medical education in the post COVID-19 pandemic era
Hannah Bridgwater

Clinical Anatomy Solutions: Online solutions to the delivery and assessment of a clinical anatomy and medical imaging unit
Ian Johnson


17:15 - 18:00 PLENARY LECTURE
Chairs: Çağatay Barut

Pineal Region Surgery
Türker Kılıç
Chairs: Ceri Davies

Shackled by The Great Chain: How Embryological Anatomy Had Been Enrolled for Systemic Racism and Sexism
Scott Gilbert

Federative International Committee for the Support of Anatomy Professionals (FICSAP) Annual Meeting

08:30 - 10:00 Invited Panel
Meltem Bahçelioğlu
Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Multi-model Analysis of the Brain and Neurodegenerative Disorders
Yuchun Tang & Lingzhong Fan

Platform Presentation Session
Chairs: Sergey Dydykin & Ayhan Cömert

Anatomy of the Suspensory Ligament of the Penis: Does Size Matters?
Leonardo Miguel Vieira Silva

Abductor pollicis brevis in fetuses: classification, measurements, and surgical implications
Saliha Seda Adanır

Anatomical characteristics of the hip flexion abduction external rotation (FABER) position using magnetic resonance imaging
Masahiro Tsutsumi

A novel approach for quantitative imaging of the seated anatomy of the buttocks using ultrasound
Nkhensani Mogale

Evaluation of the anatomical structures with physical examination and magnetic resonance imaging in ischiofemoral impingement syndrome
Ayse Gamze Ozcan

Morphological and morphometric study of the latissimus dorsi tendon for its transfers in rotator cuff tears
Mi-Sun Hur



Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Synaptic and circuit plasticity and behavior
Yun-Qing Li & Tao Chen

Platform Presentation Session
Burak Bilecenoğlu & Mert Ocak

Evaluation of Trachea and Bronchi with 3-Dimensional Reconstruction Method in Covid-19 Patients
Ayşe Erkaya

Sex-Dependent Morphometric Analysis of Sternum on Computed Tomography Images
Hande Salim

Comparison of the cystocoledocal angle in patients with choledocholithiasis and only cholelithiasis
Zekiye Karaca Bozdağ

Differences in the Anatomical Structure of the Uterus Between Fertile and Infertile Individuals
Betül Sevindik

Evaluation Of Coronary Artery Variations And Anomalies With Coronary Computerized Tomographic Angiography
Nevin Aydın

Prenatal Diagnosis of Giant Cardiac Tumor with Fetal Echocardiography: Two Cases
Yasemin Özdemir Şahan

Platform Presentation Session
Chairs: Elisabeth Eppler & Vladimir Mironov

Protein homeostasis of lung tissue under the influence of Vipera berus berus and Vipera berus nikolskii poison
Liudmyla Sokurenko

STUB1-mediated proteasomal degradation of m6A methyltransferase METTL3 regulates cancer metastasis
Bin Li

Stomach secretes estrogen in response to the blood triglyceride levels
Yuta Yamamoto

99m Tc-labeled keratin gold-nanoparticles in a nephron-like microfluidic chip for photo-thermal therapy applications. An ultramicroscopical point of view
Selenia Miglietta

Di-(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate Triggers Proliferation, Migration, Stemness, and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Human Endometrial and Endometriotic Epithelial Cells via the Transforming Growth Factor-β/Smad Signaling Pathway
Yeseon Lim

Anatomy of the Clitoris, Science Meets Art
Helen O'Connell

Visualizing the Clitoris: A twenty-year journey
Levent Efe

Break Out / Chat Room ->
(Hall B1)

Probabilistic Atlas of Human Brainstem Pathways and Its Application
Yuchun Tang

Genetic and Phenomic Architecture of the Human Brain Torque
Lu Zhao

Uncovering the Genetic Profiles Underlying the Intrinsic Organization of the The Human Cerebellum
Lingzhong Fan

Spatial-temporal brain structure change during the progression of sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease
Junjie Zhuo


Mechanisms underlying descending modulation on pain and negative emotion through the pathway between prefrontal cortex and midbrain
Yun-Qing Li

Glutamatergic synapses from the insular cortex to the basolateral amygdala encode empathic pain
Tao Chen

Roles and neural circuits of the striatum on sleep-wake regulation
Xiang-Shan Yuan

Rostromedial tegmental nucleus nociceptin/orphanin FQ (N/OFQ) signaling regulates anxiety- and depression-like behaviors in alcohol withdrawn rats
Rao Fu

Mechanically evoked defensive attack is controlled by GABAergic neurons in the anterior hypothalamic nucleus
Peng Cao


10:00 - 10:45 PLENARY LECTURE
Chair: Selçuk Tunalı

Squirt Eis - a sculptural intervention with popsicles in shapes of the female prostate
Julia Frankenberg
11:00 - 12:30 Anatomical Society Symposium
Augmented and Virtual Reality in Anatomy
Matthieu Poyade
FIPAE Symposium
Anatomy and Sexism
Gabrielle Finn & Nalini Pather
ISCAA Symposium
Recent advances in Clinical and Applied Anatomy: From the Bench to Clinical Practice
Ayhan Cömert
Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Brain Development and Regeneration
Feng Mei & Sonia R. Mayoral

11:00 – 11:15

Complete Anatomy's Female Model, A new perspective in anatomy education
Ashton Luxgrant (Medical Writer 3D4Medical) & Mohamed Shahin

11:15 – 12:30

Platform Presentation Session
Chair: Seher Yılmaz

The Effect of Growth Hormone on 6-OHDA Induced HEK-YFP-DAT Cell Line
Özlem Kirazli

Preventive effects of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in a D-galactose-induced brain aging in rats
Gehan Farouk El Akabawy

Cannabidiol ameliorates lithium chloride pilocarpine-induced seizure, consequent hippocampal damage in acute, latent and chronic phases of epilepsy in animal model
Olatunji Sunday Yinka

Evaluation of two point discrimination sensation in the hand
Cevdet Yardimci

Platform Presentation Session
Servet Çelik & Eren Öğüt

Anatomical formation of the sural nerve: Descriptive study on a sample of South African cadavers
Jayshree Harangee

Anatomical investigation of the connection between the accessory nerve and the posterior root of the first cervical nerve using cadaveric dissections
Jayshree Harangee

Origin and cervicothoracic connections of the cardiac nerves in human fetuses
Mailén Lucía González

Evaluation of the alteration of morphometry in foramina ovale and spinosum: The contribution of the Foramen Vesalius
Michael Kostares

Anatomical Variations of Foramen of the Diaphragma Sellae and Neighbouring Structures: A Cadaveric Study
Uğur Berk Akdağ

Dr Marjorie Ann England-Innovative Fetal Imaging, Human Morphology Educator, Researcher & Humanitarian Pioneering Gender Shift in Medical Anatomy
Brion Beninnger

Scaleable, Accessible and Affordable Utilization of Extended Reality (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the Metaverse) in Surgical Education and Global Health and its Scientific Rationale
Jagtar Dhanda

Medical Visualization: From Medical Art to XR Visualization
Matthieu Poyade

Using Cognitive Load Theory and Visual Elements of Art to Design Anatomy Learning Resources
Thanasorn Asaswesna


Welcome and Introduction to the Symposium
Nalini Pather

Feminist theory within education
Megan Brown

Sex and Sexism in Anatomy
Gabrielle Finn

Female genital cosmetic surgery - the role of anatomical knowledge in decision making
Jisoo Yoon

Inspiring and supporting women in Anatomy – Beyond stereotypes
Yolanda Salinas Álvarez

Challenging gendered norms: how might we drive change in and through anatomy education
Nalini Pather


Surprising anatomical facts as a troubleshooter for saphenous nerve block
Georg Feigl

Surgical anatomy for suboccipital retrosigmoid approach
Eyüp Bayatlı

The anatomy and sonoanatomy for ultrasound-guided nerve blocks in the head and neck
Ayhan Cömert

Interdisciplinary clinical anatomy education
Marcela Bezdickova

Erector spinae plane blocks; same block with sonoanatomical differences
Selin Güven Köse

Surgical anatomy for intracranial and intracanalicular course of optic nerve: anatomical comparison of different surgical approaches
Tuğba Moralı Güler

Microsurgical anatomy of the sylvian fissure
Y. Efe Güner

Ultrasound-guided cervical sympathetic ganglion block: anatomical considerations
Burcu Candan


Long-term intravital single cell tracking under 2-photon microscopy
Ya-Jie Liang

A Neural Circuit from Thalamic Paraventricular Nucleus to Central Amygdala for the Facilitation of Neuropathic Pain
Yu-lin Dong

Understanding normal and diseased human basal ganglia using combinatory indexing single nuclei RNA sequencing
Linya You

Crosstalk between astrocytes and oligodendrocytes in early life stress
Jianqin Niu

Poly-L-ornithine reverses the inhibitory effect of fibronectin on oligodendrocyte differentiation and Promotes Myelin Repair
Hui Fu

Neuronal requirements for the initiation of myelination in the CNS
Sonia R. Mayoral


12:30 - 13:15 PLENARY LECTURE
Chairs: Gülgün Şengül

The human brain anatomy revisited in the light of intraoperative functional mapping in awake patients with gliomas: towards a meta-networking organization of the cerebral connectome 
Hugues Duffau
13:15 - 14:30
Break Out / Chat Room
(Hall B1)

Open Mic Session: Ethics in Anatomy supported by FICEM (Federative International Committee for Ethics and Medical Humanities)

Moderators: Jon Cornwall, Andreas Winkelmann
Other experts: Thomas Champney, Sabine Hildebrandt, Goran Straklj
14:30 - 16:00 Korean Association of Anatomists Symposium
Anatomy in Forensic Sciences
Sang-Seob Lee
Animal modelling in the anatomy of human disease
Busisiwe Maseko & Carmen Falcone
Bone-deep Anatomy: from the bench to clinical practice
Diogo Pais & Diogo Casal
Korean Association of Anatomists Symposium
A new era of clinical anatomy: From the classical dissection to the advanced medical imaging corresponding to clinical needs
Hee-Jin Kim

Platform Presentation Session
Chair: Yolanda Salinas-Alvarez

Integrating virtual-reality enriched active leaning into pre-clinical gross anatomy education
Jian Yang

3D – Printing: A viable substitute for commercially purchased anatomical models
David Resuehr

Creating a Global Community During COVID-19 Pandemic: Bringing Anatomical Sciences Educators Together
Inaya Hajj Hussein

As a learning tool social media in anatomy education from the students' perspective
Abdullah Ortadeveci

Let students tell us what resources they used in their online anatomy education!
Zekiye Karaca Bozdağ

Platform Presentation Session
Guo-fang Tseng

Three-Dimensional Visualization and Quantification of the Whole Enteric Nervous System in Mouse and Human using Tissue Clearing
Young Hyun Yun

Evaluation of Dendrite Morphology in Wistar and Genetic Absence Epileptic (GAERS) Rats
Özlem Kirazlı

Ameloriative effect of ‘Zingiber offinale and Allium sativum’ on the hippocampus of streptozotocin induced diabetes mellitus in adult male wistar rat models
Dorcas Olubunmi Taiwo Ola

Dorsal and Ventral Hippocampus Changes In A Novel TDP-43 Overexpression Rat Model By Viral-Mediated Gene Transfer Method
Elif Polat Çorumlu

The Role of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) on Motoric Functions after Peripheral Nerve Injury
Rizni Fitriana

The dose dependent effects of linalool on the cerebellar morphology of diabetic rats
Merve Nur Ermez

The applicability of two forensic dental age estimation for Japanese children and the comparison with the Korean population
Akiko Kumagai

Forensic Anthropology from a practitioner’s view
Reza Gerretsen

The use of alternating light sources for discrimination of bone material in common soil
Frank van de Goot

Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency Korean War Identification Project (DPAA KWIP)
Esther Choo

Thermal Alteration and Trauma in Human Bones
Giovanna Vidoli


Does Preeclampsia lead to autism? An investigation using Sprague Dawley rats
Busisiwe Maseko

Animal models of FASD: Important considerations when developing FASD model using animals
Oladiran Olateju

The zucker diabetic Sprague Dawley (ZDSD) rat and a translational rodent model of type 2 diabetes
Robert Ndou

A Sprague Dawley rat model used to investigate the effects of binge gestational alcohol exposure in skeletal health: Is it translational?
Diana Pillay


Bone composition in Wistar rats and its composition after infrasound exposure and glucose intolerance
Luísa Zagalo

Assessment of intraosseous arterial vascularization of the L1 vertebral body - differences between human and Wistar rat
Diogo Moura

Arterial blood supply to the Wistar rat iliac bone
Gonçalo Coluna

Gross and microscopical anatomy of the human medial femoral condyle: new grounds to improve old flaps in this region
Alexandre Almeida

Digital anthropometric analysis of the phylogenetic evolution of the female pelvis: contributions to the understanding of labor
Raquel Lopes

Digital evaluation of the congruency of the shoulder joint surfaces in patients with brachial plexus lesions
Luís Gonçalves

Comparison of the 3-dimensional shape of the joint surfaces of the proximal interphalangeal joints of the fingers and the surfaces of the hamate and the base of the fifth metacarpal bone
Manuel Vilela

Anatomical basis of elongating bone transfers useful for pediatric bone reconstruction
Diogo Casal


Challenge to unlanded territory: Ultrasonographic anatomy of the face for the minimally-invasive procedures
Hee-Jin Kim

Progressive methodologies for the anatomical structures: microdissection, microcomputed tomography, and numerical simulation
Mi-Sun Hur

Dynamic coordination of the smooth and skeletal muscles in the pelvic floor: Meso-anatomical examination
Keiichi Akita


16:00 - 18:30 IFAA General Assembly Delegate Registration
24:00 FICEM (Federative International Committee for Ethics and Medical Humanities) Annual Meeting          
08:30 - 10:00 FICSAP Symposium
Growing Anatomists: Anatomists Perceptions of Needs and Provision of Support
Stephanie Woodley & Helen Nicholson
Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Preparation for the colorful life
Guang Wang & Kai Yuan
FIPAE Workshop
Active learning in anatomical sciences education: Emerging from the pandemic
Anneliese Hulme, Joyce El-Haddad & Nalini Pather
Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: To restore tissue functions
Wen Zeng & Jing Zhou

Platform Presentation Session
Behice Durgun & Ceren Gunenc Beser

Developing maternal socio-demographic and anthropometric protocol: determining birth size and delivery outcomes at the Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Nigeria
Chinedu Godwin Uzomba

A comparison of results using three mathematical models for multifactorial adult age-at-death estimation in a South African population
Nicolene Jooste

Proportional Evaluation of Measurements Related to Height and Body Parts: Assessment of the Presence of Golden Ratio
Songül Çuğlan

Assessing growth changes in the human palate across different stages of dental eruption
Erin Frances Hutchinson

Quantitative differentiation of thoracolumbar transitional vertebrae: possible associations with other anomalies in the vertebral column
Anneli Poolman

Platform Presentation Session
Chair: Zeliha Kurtoğlu Olgunus

Revisiting the Muscles and Nerves of Anterior Compartment of the Arm: Preliminary Results of A Cadaver Study
Büşra Anacur

Width of the orbicularis oculi fibers extending to the upper lip with the lateral and inferior lengths of the orbicularis oculi at the level of the lateral canthus: application to botulinum neurotoxin type A injection for crow’s feet
Mi-Sun Hur

Localization of the mandibular lingula using panoramic radiographs
Juan Pablo Aravena

Topographic Anatomy of the Tibial Nerve and Posterior Tibial Artery in the Tarsal Tunnel
Ayşe Imge Uslu

Case Cadaveric Series on the Sural Nerve formation variants and the aberrant sensory innervation of the lateral surface of the foot
Maria Piagkou

What support do anatomists need to develop their careers: data from the FICSAP/FIPAE survey
Stephanie Woodley, Helen Nicholson

Break Out / Chat Room 1 ->
(Hall B1)

Break Out / Chat Room 2 ->
(Hall B2)

Break Out / Chat Room 3 ->
(Hall B3)

Misregulation in Protein O-GlcNAcylation contributes to neurodevelopmental defects
Kai Yuan

Loss of Atoh8 attenuates skeletal myogenesis
Beate Brand-Saberi

Atg7 is involved in the neural development of the early embryo
Guang Wang

The function of connexin in OL development and myelin repair
Tao Li

The role of Eph-ephrin signaling in axon guidance of serotonin raphe neurons during development
Teng Teng


Diogo Pais, Gülgün Şengül, Jason Organ, Joy Balta, Quentin Fogg and Natasha Flack

The workshop is designed to maximise audience participation and dialogue. The discussion is scaffolded by the prompt questions (below) with initial responses from a panel of experts from different geographical regions, and sub-disciplines of the anatomical sciences. Audience responses, views and experiences are welcomed and encouraged in this dialogue.

The outcome of this session is to:

  • appreciate the diverse experiences of teaching and learning in the anatomical sciences during the pandemic, and
  • identify common areas that we might collaboratively share and develop practice to advance anatomical sciences education globally.

Break Out Room 4 ->
(Hall B4)

Break Out Room 5 ->
(Hall B5)

Break Out Room 6 ->
(Hall B6)

Applications of multifunctional hydrogels in tissue engineering
Malcolm Xing

Dimensionality-dependent Mechanical Stretch Regulation of Cell Behavior
Yong Yang

Mechanical Regulation of Metabolic Reprogramming of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells in Vein Grafts
Jing Zhou

Endothelium-mimicking coating engineered cardiovascular stents for regulating vascular tissue regenerative repair
Zhilu Yang

Stem cells and the regeneration of tissue engineered blood vessels
Wen Zeng


11:00 - 12:30 Korean Association of Anatomists Symposium
Craniofacial Development and Regeneration
Hyuk-Jae Edward Kwon & Richard Schneider

Platform Presentation Session
Chairs: Lena Hirtler & Gökşin Nilüfer Demirci

Topographical Anatomy of the Superficial Temporal Artery
Tuğba Moralı Güler

Contralateral Transorbital Endoscopic Approach to Petrous Apex: A Feasibility Cadaver Study
Hazan Basak

Beyond the tip of the iceberg: A meta-analysis on the anatomy of the clitoris
Rebecca Beni

A microsurgical study of the anatomy and anatomical variations of the median nerve: a cadaveric study
Manuel Encarnacion

Platform Presentation Session
İsmail Nadir Gülekon & Cenk Murat Özer

Clinically Relevant Morphometric Analysis of Pterygopalatine Fossa and Its Volumetric Relationship with Adjacent Paranasal Sinuses: A CT-Based Study
Betül Digilli

Chronic neck pain and its association with the angle of the cervical curve
Thuduwage Chamalika Sujeewanie Weerakoon

Evaluation of the Piriformis Muscle Anatomy by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Ekrem Solmaz

Evaluation of the alignment of the intersesamoidal ridge's axis through 3D-printing models and digital method
Ismail Türkten

Morphometric evaluation and classification of the superior orbital fissure on 3D MDCT images
Busra Pirinc

Investigation of the Presence of Discoid Meniscus and Its Effect on Anatomic Structures in the Knee Joint by Magnetic Resonance Images, A Retrospective Study
Hilal Irmak Sapmaz

Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Adaptive Learning and Teaching in the Post-Covid-19 Era
Xuesong Yang & Wei Wei

Platform Presentation Session
Joanna Matthan & Goran Strkalj

The development of a core musculoskeletal anatomy syllabus for physical therapy education
Stephanie J Woodley

Neuroanatomy in the medical curriculum: A South African perspective
Gerda Venter

A postgraduate perspective of radiology into the anatomy curriculum
Courtney Barnes

A southern African perspective on the ethical use of digital images in anatomical teaching
Tamara Lottering

Platform Presentation Session
Chairs: Dusica Lazar Maric & Neslihan Yüzbaşıoğlu

Factors that influence decomposition timeline estimation in Anambra state, Nigeria
Darlington Nnamdi Onyejike

An evaluation of the reliability of current stature estimation equations for contemporary White South Africans
Natasha Rosanne Loubser

Morphological evaluation and clinical significance of the supracondylar process and supratrochlear foramen: An anatomic and radiological study
Ayşe Erkaya

Aplasia cutis congenita associated with coarctation of aorta in a newborn: Is this a coincidence or varient of Adams-Oliver Syndrome?
Başak Soran Türkcan

An anatomical variation: absence coeliac trunk
Hurriyet Ercan Cetinok

Hierarchical levels of gene regulation in the development and evolution of jaw length
Richard Schneider

Distinct BMP-Smads signaling outputs confer diverse functions in the dental mesenchyme
Liwen Li

Epigenetic regulation of palate formation
Hyuk-Jae Edward Kwon

Lower Jaw Bone Length is Altered by Pharmacological Inhibition of Embryonic Osteoclast Activity
Erin Ealba Bumann

Injury induced transient dedifferentiation of taste receptor cells in mice
Han-Sung Jung


Unpacking the relationships between teacher-led and learner-led mobile learning activities and their impacts on teacher evaluation in a blended medical program
Wei Wei

Surgical Boot Camp Improves Clinical Competencies in Senior Medical Students
Jifeng Zhang

The anatomists’ perceptions of blended learning changed by COVID-19 pandemic: a national survey in mainland China
Xin Cheng

The Chinese anatomists’ perceptions towards blended learning approach in anatomy education: a national survey in the post-Covid-19 era
Xuesong Yang

Blended Learning approach improves active learning and academic performance in a Human Embryology Course
Shangming Liu

Modulations of the autonomic nervous system and hormone-physiological changes in response to COVID-19-related adaptations of different learning environments
Morris Gellisch


12:30 - 13:15 PLENARY LECTURE
Chairs: Hyuk-Jae Edward Kwon

The first woman anatomist in Korea "Prof. Bok Young Rha" (Mother and Daughter woman anatomists)
Kyung Ah Park
13:15 – 13:45 ICSMS Executive Committee Meeting          
13:15 – 14:30
Break Out / Chat Room
(Hall B1)
Developing Future Anatomists: Share Your Views
Moderatör: Carol Hartmann
14:30 - 16:00 FICEM Symposium
Historical anatomical collections – Treasure, Legacy, and Challenges
Andreas Winkelmann & Brendon Billings
Forensic Clinical Anatomy: An Update 5 Years Later Its Proposal
Raffaele De Caro
FICEDA Symposium
Equality and diversity in anatomy
Odile Plaisant
Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences Symposium
Morphology and Function of Myodural Bridge
Hong-Jin Sui & Gary D. Hack

Platform Presentation Session
Kerem Atalar & Dila Şener Akçora

Immune-mediated arthritis: is there any way for experimental modelling of its premorbid conditions and detection of compensatory mechanisms in the joint during the preclinical phase?
Andrii Viktorovych Fedotchenko

A different exosome secretion modality occurs in patient-derived colorectal cancer spheroids and in their mouse xenograft
Michela Relucenti

Evaluation of muscle spindle density and distribution of certain mimic muscles: preliminary results of a cadaveric study
Ekin Karacan

Microanatomic alterations in the uterus of a Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) mouse model and the potential role of carnitines
Maria Grazia Palmerini

Prenatal Choline, Uridine Monophosphate, and Fish Oil Supplements Affect Synaptogenesis in 5XFAD Animals
Elif Nedret Keskinoz

Effect of exosomes derived from Sertoli cells on reconstruction of seminiferous tubule
Chunyang Li

Platform Presentation Session
Chair: Isabel Stabile

Education of anatomy of arm and leg using 60 hand gestures
Mi-Sun Hur

Consolidation carnival: a modified speed-dating approach to reviewing musculoskeletal anatomy in an undergraduate medical curriculum
Rosemary B. Bassey

Virtual journal club in Anatomy: Perspectives of postgraduate students
Kerri Keet

Short and long-term retention of anatomical variation recognition using extended reality visualization
Gunes Aytac

Exploring the Most Effective Combination of Drawing Approaches for Observation and Understanding Three-Dimensional Anatomy
Leonard Shapiro

Provenance of collection items from the early 19th century in an anatomical collection
Andreas Winkelmann

Restitution of Indigenous bodies: The ethics of what remains
Marina L. Sardi

Collections of the Unborn
Jason Mussell

Congdon’s Anatomical Museum: From Educational Collections to Thailand’s First Anatomical Museum
Adisorn Ratanayotha

African Life and death masks in the Raymond A. Dart Collection
Brendon Billings


Break Out / Chat Room ->
(Hall B3)

Forensic Clinical Anatomy: Introduction
Raffaele De Caro

Forensic Clinical Anatomy: Definition and Perspectives
Andrea Porzionato

Imaging in Forensic Clinical Anatomy
Veronica Macchi

Forensic Clinical Anatomy and Surgery
Carla Stecco

Forensic Clinical Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy
Shane Tubbs


Colonisation, cadavers and colour: Is there a case for decolonising the anatomy curricula?
Gabrielle Finn, Adam Danquah, and Joanna Matthan

Policies for equality and diversity in anatomy across different anatomical societies within the IFAA
Diogo Pais and Bernard Moxham

The development of guidelines for equality and diversity by the IFAA
Bernard Moxham and Beverley Kramer

Teaching female anatomy in the medical curriculum
Jennifer Hayes

Break Out / Chat Room ->
(Hall B2)

The biomechanics, and physiological function of MDBC in dog
Hong-jin Sui

The Myodural Bridge in Humans: Discovery and Potential Implications
Gary D. Hack

Study on the developmental of myodural bridge of Human and SD rats
Jianfei Zhang

The myodural bridge of the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) alters CSF flow
Bruce A Young

MRI typing of the myodural bridge bridge complex and its dynamics with age
Qiang Xu

Effect of myodural bridge management on postoperative results and complications during decompression of subcerebellar tonsillar hernia
Bin Dong


16:15 - 17:45

Platform Presentation Session
Maria Piagkou

A biomechanical study on the effect of long head of biceps tenotomy on supraspinatus load and humeral head position during shoulder abduction
Shavana Govender

Branching patterns and variations of the facial artery and clinical importance: a cadaveric study
Zeynep Askin

A Novel Anatomical Description of the Terminal Peroneal Artery and the Terminal Peroneal Window with its Important Clinical and Radiological Implications
James Richard Archer

Methodologies in Applied Anatomy: Clinical, Forensic, and Evolutionary Anatomy
Shahed Nalla & Nicole Torres-Tamayo
Integration of anatomy and innovation into healthcare
Brion Benninger
The Anatomical Record Symposium
Evolution of a Discipline – The Changing Face of Anatomy
Jason Organ & Heather F. Smith

Platform Presentation Session
Figen Gövsa & Tuncay Peker

Effect virtual interactive 3-Dimensional models on anatomy education: a randomized controlled study
Pradip Rameshbhai Chauhan

The Effectiveness and Satisfaction of Virtual Anatomy Laboratory Education on Medical Students: A Randomized Trial Compared to Cadaver Dissection
Young Hyun Yun

Customized 3D printing model in preventing vertebral artery injury for cervical pedicle screw insertion
Asli Beril Karakas

Creation of 3- dimensional anatomical models using mobile phone applications
Suresh Selvaraj

Individualized 3d printing-assisted C1 and C2 cervical posterior screw fixation using full-scale models
Asli Beril Karakas

Platform Presentation Session
Chairs: Eduardo Andres Olivera Pertusso & Rodrigo Enrique Elizondo-Omaña

Biomechanical properties of the tendinous and capsular layers of the rotator cuff complex in a fresh tissue sample
Jessica Yvonne Cronje

A Guide to Facilitate The Creation of A Femoral Tunnel for Arthroscopic Ligamentum Teres Reconstruction: A Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography Study
Abdul Veli Ismailoglu

Endonasal Endoscopic Route to Superior Orbital Fissure: A Feasibility Anatomic Study
Hazan Basak

Morphometric analysis of select cranial ventricular access points in patients with scaphocephaly
Vensuya Bisetty

Evaluation of preop and postop 6 months findings of surgery and transcatheter ventricular septal defect closure with doppler echocardiography
Zeynep Bilge Yılmaz

Investigating the accuracy of ultrasound-guided blocks of peripheral branches of trigeminal nerve using methylene blue: An anatomical study
Selin Guven Kose

A Biological Perspective On Evolving Mathematical Methodologies
Sundika Ishwarkumar, Nicolene Jooste

Assessing age-related bony pelvis variation from CT scans
Caroline VanSickle

A brief review of virtual methodologies and their importance for evolutionary anatomy and biological anthropology
Nicole Torres-Tamayo


Integration of ankle anatomy and innovation into healthcare
Lena Hirtler

Integration of hand anatomy and innovation into healthcare
Quentin A. Fogg

Integrating Anatomy with Innovation:
Advancing the blueprint and knowledge of the lower limb, especially neurovascular structures from the pelvis to the foot improving Healthcare
Brion Benninger


The evolving ethics of anatomy: Dissecting an unethical past in order to prepare for a future of ethical anatomical practice
Amber Comer

Books, bones and bodies: The relevance of the history of anatomy in Nazi Germany for medical education today
Sabine Hildebrandt

Ethical dilemmas in skeletal collection utilization: Implications of the Black Lives Matter movement on the anatomical and anthropological sciences
Shanna E. Williams

Re-examining our roots: Queer history and anatomy
Theodore C. Smith

Shifting language for shifting anatomy: Using inclusive anatomical language to support transgender and nonbinary identities
Jessica Byram & Lauren Easterling

Decolonization of anatomy curricula
Gabrielle Finn


17:45 - 18:30 CLOSING LECTURE
Chairs: Emel Ulupınar

Understanding ALS One Neuron at a Time: The Power of Cellular Anatomy
Hande Özdinler
18:30 – 18:45 CLOSING CEREMONY