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Symposium / Workshop Proposal Guidelines

Call for Symposia, Workshops and Panels

Opens: September 1st, 2021           
Deadline: March 20th, 2022

The 20th Congress of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA 2022) will be held on August 5th-7th, 2022.

The Congress organizers invite proposals for symposia, workshops, and panels that will reflect the great breadth of interests of Anatomists. The intent for each session is to provide a forum for speakers to explore a topic that will engage specialists in the field and inform those new to it. These sessions are distinguished from other organized sessions in that they are more explicitly integrated and provide an overall synthesis on the topic. Proposals are encouraged to address the meeting theme, “Anatomy of woman, Women of anatomy,” if appropriate, but doing so is not mandatory. The sessions will provide a unique opportunity for National Anatomical Societies and Special Interest Groups to showcase their work at the pre-eminent International Meeting of Anatomists. Furthermore, the Congress organizers also invite proposals for workshops that will provide a media for the Anatomists to share their invaluable experiences with others who are willing to improve themselves.

You can submit as many proposals as you wish until March 20th, 2022.

Guidelines for Proposals:

  1. Symposia and panels should have a minimum of two organizers and ideally include speakers from more than one country.
  2. Workshops should have a minimum of two organizers or instructors who are prominent on the subject of the workshop.
  3. Organizers should develop proposals that not only have strong content, but also significant international representation and diversity. A reasonable gender balance of speakers and chairpersons is strongly encouraged.
  4. Each symposium, panel, and in-congress workshops will be 90 minutes in length. Individual presentation and discussion periods can be at the discretion of the organizers but should be in multiples of 15 minutes to facilitate synchronization with parallel sessions. For example, organizers can choose to have a longer ‘keynote’ talk and a series of shorter talks or all talks may have the same duration. Proposals should identify speakers who have expressed interest in participating, provide a title or topic for their presentation, and list any specific audio-visual presentation requirements. Symposium organizers may also request to have posters associated with their symposium grouped together in a poster session. Proposals listing more than 6 or fewer than 3 confirmed speakers will not be considered.
  5. For workshops that are planned as longer than 90 minutes, the organizers should state the needs for the workshop. The length of the workshop should also be stated properly, and it is not supposed to be longer than a full day. Depending on the content of the workshop it can be organized as a pre-congress or a post-congress workshop. A reasonable fee for a workshop (full day or half day long) can be determined to cover the necessary cost of the workshop.
  6. It is the responsibility of the session organizer to make sure each speaker submits an abstract for his/her talks using the unique link that will be e-mailed to each speaker in early February. It is important to make sure all of your speakers are aware of the abstract submission deadline early on.
  7. There aren’t any fees for organizing a Symposium/Panel/Workshop, but organizing committee is unable to provide funding for session speakers’ and/or workshop instructors’ costs (registration, etc.); therefore organizers will need to ensure that speakers/instructors can cover their own costs (registration, etc.) or to seek external funding, which will be acknowledged in the IFAA 2022 Programme.

Session proposals should be e-mailed to as a Microsoft word file (doc. or docx.) according to the following format.


Session Title: The title should be informative, extensive, and preferably catchy.

Organizer(s): Please provide the name(s), institution(s), and email(s) of all organizers who will serve as the point of contact for the session and be responsible for communicating with the speakers.

Chair(s): Please provide the name(s), institution(s), and email(s) of those who will serve as moderators during the sessions. The organizer(s) may also serve as chair(s).

Session Description: Should include the following:

  1. A title of the session
  2. Type of the proposed session as symposium, panel, or workshop
  3. A description of the session topic not exceeding 400 words which includes background information, goals, objectives, relevance, timeliness of the topic, and especially the interest to the IFAA 2022 main theme and/or topics
  4. Have speakers already been asked and confirmed?
  5. A list of specific audio-visual presentation requirements

Please do NOT include detailed speaker information here – you will be asked for this information in the next section.

Please note that the provided description will NOT be used as session’s abstract for publication in the proceedings.

One Sentence Session Summary: This is a very short version (less than 50 words) of the session description that will appear in the print program.

Speaker Talk Title and Description: Should include the following for each speaker separately:

  1. A tentative talk title
  2. A brief description of the topic not exceeding 100 words
  3. Speaker's contribution to this particular session
  4. Name, institution, and email of the speaker

Only the speakers who have been contacted and have committed to the session should be listed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that all speakers/panelists ARE expected to submit an 250 word abstract of their talks through the abstract submission system that will appear in the proceedings prior to the abstract submission deadline.